Sparkle in 2013 + a giveaway!! [CLOSED]


Along with the majority of the country, one of my new year’s resolutions this year is to get in shape and be more active. As a vegetarian, I already try my best to eat healthy and avoid things like fast food and sugar, but I could definitely be more active.

Running and working out is not something I enjoy, so if there’s anything that can make the experience more enjoyable, I’m in. I recently heard about Sparkly Soul on twitter and I was intrigued. They sell these super cute headbands that always stay in place and are covered in glitter! (If you know me at all, you know I love anything that sparkles!) Not only do they provide some cute fun for your workout, but they also motivate their customers by encouraging them to “sparkle” aka get moving!

Personally, I never really felt like I needed headbands for my (few and far between) workouts, but since I cut my hair, I have had a harder time keeping the hair out of my face. With my sparkly soul headband, I don’t get a headache and it totally stays in place the whole time!

In addition to my new year’s resolution, I have another reason to start running and working out. In April, I will be participating in Atlanta’s Color Run! I am so beyond excited for it and I will definitely be wearing my Sparkly Soul headband the whole time!

Sparkly Soul

And now for the fun and exciting part: A giveaway! Want to win your own Sparkly Soul headband? All you need to do to enter is the following:

Like Lush to Blush on Facebook

Follow Lush to Blush on Twitter

Like Sparkly Soul on Facebook

Follow Sparkly Soul on Twitter

Comment with how you sparkle :)

*please also note your facebook and twitter usernames

That’s it! You can pick any color headband you’d like. Giveaway ends Sunday, January 27 at 11:59pm. Good Luck!!


25 responses to “Sparkle in 2013 + a giveaway!! [CLOSED]

  1. I didn’t know if we are suppose to comment separately for each item we do but I’ve completed all five if that means five entries.
    I like both on FB and follow both on Twitter. I sparkle with my cute wit and sense of humor.

  2. I smile at the folks I meet when I’m running….which, in Boston, tends not to be met with reciprocal smiles….but I do it anyway!

  3. I sparkle when I smile while I run :) (You never know who’s day you will make better).

  4. I sparkle when I write. Because I get ideas when I run!

    Followed on Twitter (@leaflette); have been following Sparkly Soul
    Liked on Facebook (Leeanna C); have been liking Sparkly Soul

  5. I sparkle with my spontaneous song outbursts throughout the day !

    Followed ( AlexAviary)
    And liked ( Alex Ben)

  6. Already liked sparkly soul on FB and now like you and am following both. I sparkle when I run or just hang out with my kids. Both activities make me smile!

  7. I sparkle when I dance, run, bowl, are with my kids and when I smile which I do as often as possible!! You never know when your smile might make someone’s day!! :)

  8. I did all of the above! Facebook: michelle pickett twitter @MichellenStrydr. i love wearing sparkly nail polish everyday :)

  9. I sparkle when beng around people I love!
    FB: Shani Smet

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