Current Obsession: Two Toned Fashion

This past weekend, I had the fun opportunity to go to Lenox Mall in Atlanta. If there’s one thing Atlanta isn’t lacking, it’s shopping destinations. There are chic boutiques, shopping malls and outdoor shopping centers everywhere you look. This could turn out to be super convenient, or really, really bad.

One thing I noticed while I was out was all the two toned and color blocked sweaters, pants and even boots. We all know color blocking has been very popular lately, but I love the neutral colors that are being used this season. Here are some of my favorite finds (click to buy!):

Forever 21, $18

Kohl’s, $48

C. Wonder, $28

Forever 21, $25

What do you think about this trend for fall? Are you loving it or are you ready for something new?


4 responses to “Current Obsession: Two Toned Fashion

  1. I don’t usually like color block clothing items, but this two-toned look is nice. I think of color blocks with 4 colors, and I don’t really like that. This look instead, especially paired with a neutral color is very classy! Like!

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