Make Your Voice be Heard

As we all know, the presidential election is on November 6th. Facebook is full of political status debates and twitter was totally crowded with #Debates2012 for weeks. But there is an important reason for all of this–whoever is voted into office is going to have a tremendous impact on all of our futures.

Normally I like to provide an escape for my readers. I want them to come to L2B after a long day to read about light and fun topics, but the presidential election is something I am not willing to overlook. No matter who you support, it is essential to vote and let your voice be heard! But before you vote, educate yourself on the candidates and on the topics.

So many people simply listen to what others say without checking facts for themselves and sadly, I have fallen into that category in the past, but as soon as I turned 18, I knew I had to start thinking for myself and stop believing everything I heard. Not sure where you stand? Take the quiz at, watch the debates and read the official websites of the candidates.

But deciding on who to vote for isn’t where it ends. Voters also get to vote in local elections and on state amendments. This site helped me understand the propositions on my state’s ballot this year. But don’t stop at the general election. Vote for candidates you stand behind to represent your voice. Stay active and make your voice be heard!


What do you think?

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