Wear This Now Book Review

As you all know, I had the incredible opportunity to go to NYC and attend IFBCon, a conference for fashion bloggers. I got to meet fashion icons, professional bloggers and even models, but one of my favorite panelists was Michelle Madhok, founder of SheFinds.com and author of Wear This Now.

Wear This Now is a style guide for any occasion you can think of. Madhok takes the reader through the seasons and dresses her for various occasions, but leaves room for personal style and creativity. She provides solid wardrobe staple lists and gives advice when to skimp and when to splurge. There are even tips on how to shop online and how to organize your closet.

And not only is the front of the book super cute and perfect as coffee table decor, but there are chic illustrations throughout the whole book to give readers a visual. This book will certainly be my go-to whenever I’m in a bind. Check it out on amazon and get a sneak peek before you buy, I promise you won’t regret purchasing this book!


2 responses to “Wear This Now Book Review

  1. thanks fo rthe review…Ia m seriously considering this one, also it was such a pleasure meeting you at IFBCon. you are a rockstar i love your site girl!

    • It was great meeting you as well! Thanks for the compliment and the book is definitely handy for any occasion! :)

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