My August Picks: Little Black Bag

As most of you know, I have been obsessed with this awesome social shopping site called Little Black Bag (read all about it here). I am also lucky enough to be a stylist on the site and I love sharing all of my favorites with you all! So without further ado, here are my August picks!

LBB august
I guess it’s safe to say that I am loving white and gold right now! First of all, the handbag. OMG, I am obsessed. Can I please have it, like now? It is just so gorgeous and definitely my #1 pick. I just hope I can get it in time for my New York trip.

Secondly, the jewelry being added to the site lately is so elegant and classy as opposed to a lot of the boho and tribal styles I have seen in the past and I am absolutely loving it. In fact, the white metal & cord bracelet by JUKO is real leather. Keep it up LBB!

As for the polish, I already have a color like this by Essie, but it is just too pretty to pass up. Not to mention that it perfectly complements all of my white and gold accessories.
Finally, the hat and the sunglasses. They are just gorgeous! Although summer might be coming to a close in most places around the country, it is literally always summer weather where I live, so a hat and sunglasses (and SPF, of course) are a must year ’round.

Big Buddha black hat

Steve Madden sunglasses
Have you tried Little Black Bag? What are your favorites from the site right now?

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