Perfect Brows in 8 Easy Steps

Hello everyone! Tiny T here! It’s pretty well known that your eyebrows are one of the most important and significant features you have. They identify you and very much like a new haircut, you look different when they are well groomed and taken care of. Your brows help to frame your face and I don’t know about you, but when I have a pair of perfectly shaped brows, I feel pretty even without makeup! So how do you get your brows to be picture perfect at home? Here’s my easy 8-step guide!

The How-To:

  1. You want to start by brushing out your brows. My brows grow pretty fast and if I don’t act fast, ill have those wirey wizard brows! So I simply brush them out and up to get those longer hairs to stand. 
  2. Once I brush the hair up, I use small scissors to cut the ends of those pesky wizard hairs.
  3. To get the initial shape of your brows, take the end of any brush and use it to map out the shape. First, the inner edge of your brow should line up at the end of your nostril. To figure out where your natural arch is, look forward and align your tool just at the outer edge of your eyeball. (L2B tip: make sure you’re looking straight forward when you do this!). The end of your brow should taper off into a point towards the outer corner of your eye.
  4. Once you have your ideal shape, you can use white eyeliner to outline it. It makes it easier to see what hairs should be plucked, and which you leave behind.
  5. As you pluck, make sure you only pluck the hair that is inside of the eyeliner and what is under it.
  6. To help define my brows, I use a light concealer. I find that it helps them stand out without much filling in. Also makes for a nice highlight. 
  7. The inner edges of my brows are pretty sparse so I use an eye shadow that’s a couple of shades lighter than my hair color to fill those empty spots in. You can also use eyeliner to fill in necessary spots, but I find that eye shadow gives a more natural effect. Using an angled brush, I use quick and light upward strokes to even out the sparseness.
  8. Last step! Just add some clear mascara to set all of your hard work and you’re all set!

And voila! Perfectly pretty brows right at home!

Have you tried this method? How do you achieve perfect brows?


3 responses to “Perfect Brows in 8 Easy Steps

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  2. Thank you! That was an easy step-by-step method! Precise, yet concise! And btw, your brows are fabulous! I’m hoping for a similar result…

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