We’re hosting a Google+ Hangout On Air!

For a few weeks now, Lush to Blush has been featured as a stylist for Little Black Bag. And if you remember, I have been obsessed with the site for months. So now I have decided to utilize a new medium of communication and host a Google+ Hangout On Air to discuss Little Black Bag!

The concept of Google+ Hangouts is something we have probably all wanted to do in the past: we finally have the chance to video chat with more than one person at a time! The technology is incredible and it is so much fun! I had the chance to participate in my first Hangout a few weeks ago where fashion blogger Amanda Del Duca taught us all how to make our own neon jewelry (use nail polish! It was super cool). Now, I am hosting my own and it will be streamed live on LushtoBlush.com for everyone to watch! And don’t worry if you can’t make it, the entire Hangout will be saved to YouTube.

In addition to explaining the basis of Little Black Bag, I will share my stylist and trading tips, show my favorite items I have purchased and answer questions. L2B Guest Blogger AnnieB of Iz Dee Fashion will join the hangout as well as other fashion bloggers from around the country. And finally, a member of the Little Black Bag staff will be in on the call and will share some fun info about LBB!

I can’t wait to “Hangout” with everyone and share some of the things I love with you all! If you have any questions that you would like answered on air, please email them to megan@lushtoblush.com or comment here. Click to learn more about Little Black Bag or Google+ Hangouts.

UPDATE: Watch the Hangout here:


6 responses to “We’re hosting a Google+ Hangout On Air!

  1. This is so cool! So do you have to have a camera on your computer to “Hangout”? Also, will my face show up if I do? Not sure I want everyone to see me….

    • Only 10 people can be on camera during the hangout, but anyone can watch! The Hangout will be streamed live on LushtoBlush.com so feel free to watch (without being seen) or send in any questions or comments you have to megan@lushtoblush.com and I will try to answer them on air!

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