Keep the Change: How Saving Your Pennies Can Really Add Up


For as long as I can remember, my dad has put all of his change in a jar. We weren’t a struggling family who lived paycheck to paycheck, but we were always thrifty. There’s no shame in being fiscally responsible; this is something I learned at a very young age.

Now, with the economic downfall, everyone has been forced to become savvy when it comes to saving and spending. As a college student, I had it double rough. Not only was I broke due to my full time student status, but the economy was worse than it had ever been in my twenty-some years. Now that my struggle has let up a bit, I am grateful for what I went through since it taught me so much about the value of money.

One of my favorite things I learned along the way is to keep my change. Personally, I hate change and I don’t particularly like cash either, so when I do have some extra coins, I collect them. Even banks have taken note of this money-saving tip and created programs for debit card users. All purchases are rounded to the next dollar so the extra change can be transferred into a savings account.

It might sound a little ridiculous at first. I mean, how much can you really save just by keeping your change? Well, you aren’t going to have an extra 10 grand at the end of the year, but it can certainly be more than a couple hundred bucks.

Personally, I cash in my change at Coinstar every month. Sometimes it’s $20, and other times it is over $50. Then I go and get my favorite grocery store items (my local Coinstar is at the grocery store) like fresh mozzerella cheese and some expensive wine. Since I wouldn’t usually splurge on these things, it is a fun little treat that I get to enjoy thanks to simply saving my change.  Next year, I decided to save my change for a fun little vacation. I’m aiming to save up around $500 and take a girls trip with some close friends. Another fun idea is to use your saved change for something new each month like a pair of shoes or item of clothing.

What do you do to save money? Have you tried collecting your coins?


6 responses to “Keep the Change: How Saving Your Pennies Can Really Add Up

  1. Excellent idea! I’ve always been bothered with change accumulating in my purse and therefore making it heavy. I learned early on though, not to take it out and leave it where Hubby can see it (it automatically becomes his property…lol.) I will start saving mine and see how much I can save…..maybe for a trip to the beach and some new swim wear, yeah, that’s it! :-)

  2. OMG! Why am I just like your dad?! I have a set of ceramics that my grandmother made for me to hold Sugar, Flour, Rice, etc…and since I NEVER cook, I keep my change in the Flour jar. LOL! I’ve been doing it for years and it definitely adds up. Great advice!

  3. My boyfriend puts all his change in the console of his car, last time i cleaned it out there was $200! We started saving it in a bottle for a trip we wanted to make, but ended up spending it on rent :( oh well

    • It is such a great way to have some extra money you would otherwise forget about or never use! I decided to start saving mine for a bday trip to VEGASSSS!!! :)

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