Cowgirl Chic

Cowgirl Chic

Calling all you Daisy Dukes!

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I absolutely love country music. Plus, who doesn’t love a good, rugged cowboy every now and then? Being from Connecticut, it’s not very often you see a pair of cowboy boots walking down the street but I love the way southern style is able to be dressed down or up depending on how you, or should I say y’all, wear it. So don’t be afraid to test it out! In honor of this past weekend’s CMA Fest in Nashville, I wanted to give you ladies a glam guide with a southern twist.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is give a great sundress some country twang. Think Carrie Bradshaw meets Taylor Swift. I like to pick a very  girly dress and pair it with my cowboy boots. This is a great look for a casual afternoon picnic or even a fun night out. Try an extra feminine fabric like lace to counteract the boot. If you have them or are willing to invest in them, a pair of cowboy boots with a colored accent look awesome with a white sundress. The goal is to look sexy and chic with a southern accent (no pun intended ;) )

It has been drilled into heads time and time again to protect our skin while we are out in the sun. What better way to shield your face  from the sun than with a straw cowboy hat while soaking up the rays at the beach? I actually used to keep one in my car for spur of the moment trips to the beach! Whether you are lakeside, poolside, or on Malibu beach, a cowboy hat is the ultimate hair piece.

Remember, we always want to look put together and glamorous, so use southern inspired pieces as accents to your outfit and not the theme of your outfit. Save the entire cowgirl look for Halloween!

Will you be trying out the southern style this summer? What’s your favorite look?


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