The Retail Life

Being a recent college graduate, I know first hand that finding a job is hard these days. And finding something that you actually like can sometimes seem impossible. That’s why The Retail Life has created a site dedicated solely to retail employment opportunities. If you’re interested in getting into the fashion industry, retail is the best way to start your career. Several designers and creative directors got their start at retail stores around the world. After all, experience is invaluable and just being involved in the environment gets you one step closer to your ultimate goal.

The Retail Life gives members access to hundreds of thousands of job leads all over the country. And get this: it’s free to sign up when you use “LUSH” as your referral code! Members can communicate with each other in the forums as well as earn gift cards just by referring others and tweeting about The Retail Life.

The Retail Life is also a great source for resume help, interview tips, and everything else the process of job hunting entails. They work with recruiters and retail career experts to get the best and most valuable information on the web. So sign up now for an awesome experience with a warm and welcoming community!


3 responses to “The Retail Life

  1. Awesome! So glad you had time to review our site. We hope to see lots of people amoung the fashion industry join and contribute!

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