Pretty Little Liars Giveaway! [CLOSED]

In honor of the return of Pretty Little Liars tonight (8pm/7c on ABC Family), I have decided to have a pretty little giveaway!! Five lucky winners will get fun accessories, gift cards and more–all with the PLL and ABC Family theme! And one grand prize winner will also receive the complete second season of Pretty Little Liars! All you have to do is:

  • Subscribe to Lush to Blush via email (it’s free!). Just type your email address into the field on the top left of the page (under the menu). If you are a WordPress user, just click ‘follow’.
  • Comment on this post with why you LOVE PLL.
  • Be 18 or older. *If under 18, you must have a parent’s permission to enter.

And that’s it! I am so incredibly excited for PLL to start again! It is one of my favorite shows. This summer is going to be so much fun! :)

The winners will be contacted via email on Tuesday, June 12.

48 responses to “Pretty Little Liars Giveaway! [CLOSED]

  1. I LOVE Pretty Little Liars because it is an amazingly written book turned into a great show! I read the books when the first one came out and have been obsessed ever since!

  2. I LOVE PLL because it’s really catchy and intriguing. The story is very interesting and unusual. The combination between mystery and drama makes it extraordinary!!!
    I am addicted! :))

  3. I love Pretty Little Liars because it encourages people to be themselves, it’s very relatable, the actors/actresses are AMAZING, and I love trying to solve the mysteries. I’m also a huge fan of Sara Shepard and the PLL book series!

  4. Wow, what a great giveaway! I’d love to win something, would be sooo awesome. :) I am 17, but I have parent consent.
    I love PLL because it’s so suspenseful and there’s so many twists and turns that keeps me on the edge of my seat. It is written so well, and the cast is just perfect for it! :)

  5. I love Pretty Little Liars because it has everything, mystery, drama, romance, friendship and secrets. I love the fact that it’s so easy to relate to the characters and a few of the situations they find themselves in, like keeping a secret to protect someone. The story is interesting and pretty unusual, you can’t help but to love it.

  6. I love PLL because of all the hot guys…no just kidding (even though that is a plus) i love it because of all the twists and turns, I really never know what’s going to happen next and I love the surprise and suspense the show brings :)

  7. I love PLL because its really freaky and creepy some times and the have the best couples EVER! I love all the characters they are really awesome and of course I cant wait to see who the story will continue!A lot of surprises hopefully! :D You never know what will happen next that best about it! :D

  8. I love pll because it has drama, humor, romance… it has everything you need to keep your mind of things. I love the story lines they are true and not many shows do them, i also love the random letters/messages from -A. This show has a way of making it easily the best show on tv. I love the cast list as well as everything to do with pll. This show is AMAZING and should never end haha. :D

  9. I Loved PLL because of the drama, mystery. suspense and romance! All the main characters I can relate to in some way and form. Each couple shows true meanings of a relationship (without A in it) I relate to Aria the most. I love her style and personality. I’m an Ezrian always! <3 everything about this show has changed my life in a good way! some may say it's just a TV show…but to's been apart of my life since 2010 :)

  10. I Love PLL because of all the suspense and drama. Its amazingly addicting. It touches on all areas of teenage life. When you think somethings done in the show there’s always more to the story. Plus the show is VERY relatable!

  11. I absolutely adore PLL! All of the characters are all completely different people and have their own things going on but the mesh well together. I Adore how Emily has grown into being this amazing woman thats confident with her self now who started out as an insecure teen that didnt know what to do to make herself happy and only lived to make others around her happy. Her relationship with Maya just makes me so happy, they make the cutest couple ever but the recent cliff hanger has me on edge. Aria has always been the confident lady that is sure of herself but seemed like she was intellectually above all of her peers. So she was looking for a way to grow, causing her to resort to an older man; that ended up being her English teacher. But there rocky and very risky relationship keep me on edge the entire time and I just love to see where there relationship goes and watch it grow plus ezras really hot so he’s also very great eye-candy. Hannah is one of my favorite Liars she has had one of the biggest transformations, she used to be a bigger girl that was insecure and naive but changed into a completely different person that is now confident just like all of her other liars. Just looking for some one to share are new self with when she finally finds some one, caleb, it made me bubby with joy because she finally found a guy thats willing to push her limits and allow her to be the woman that she needs to be. Last but not least spencer she has always been confident and very determined, and always works hard to reach her goals and sometimes she goes above and beyond. I just love that I can relate to all the girls, in some way or other and that they seem like they are living in the same world that we are an its not some made up place like narnia. All the -A drama is amazing and I LOVE to see where they have to go with that and all the the hard tasks -A puts them up to and all the risks they have to make in order to protect themselves and those around them. Furthermore I <3 to see the plots -A has in store for the girls even though its very irritating because I always put myself in the shoes of the liars to see how they are going to resolve the issue. All in all, my favorite part of pretty little liars are the girls personal problems and seeing them grow and go through the same things as I am, going through. ~ Thanks for your time and have a good read <3 Jessica Wilson

  12. I LOOOVEE PLL for so many reason I don’t know where to begin…the story the mistery the skeems lies funny lines and the fear of A stalking you 24/7…I also love the show because of the fashion even their nails! I can NOT tell you enough how much I love they do cool things to their nails, shows ussually show cool clothes and sucky damaged nails when camera does close ups -.-, and last but not least I love the weekly PLL male eye candy (they should show them shirtless more often..just saying..) all of that piles up to make me obsesed with Pretty Little Liars with trying to find what would happen next who’s part of the A-team and if one of the main girls could be a part of them (that would break my heart)

  13. I love PLL because i’ve watched every single episode since the start and each episode has been completely different to the last one. It always surprises you and whenever something is revealed its not what/who you thought it would be! PLL creates so much suspense through the mystery. I will never miss an episode because it’s become part of my life and it’s one of the things i can really look forward to when its on in a week! -A’s messages are always different and so much but also at the same time hardly anything is released through the messages, it’s so well thought out. Most books turned into tv shows are exactly the same but Norman Buckley has changed it so much and the only similar things are the characters. Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily are all very different characters but they join together and work through their problems, they’ve grown up so much since the first episode and are so talented. There’s not another show like PLL and there never will be because Pretty Little Liars is one of a kind! xo

  14. I love PLL because of the drama and mystery (plus I love Ezria!). Totally loved the books and adore the show!

  15. I love PLL bacause it’s the most amazing, mysterious, addictive series, that I’ve ever watched. More it has incredible fantastic cast (who doesn’t love sweet Mr.Fitz or Hanna-Banana ? ;p). I could write essey, why I love PLL, however I think that everyone like it from other reasons, but we all know – ‘I’M BACK BITCHES. AND I KNOW EVERYTHING. -A’

  16. I love PLL because I never know what is going to happen! I have watched every single episode from the beginning, each one multiple times I might add, and each episode I find myself completely suprised! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  17. I LOVE PLL because of its interesting plot and theme elements. It is beautifully put together and filmed, with great writers and cast. But what I think separates it from other tv shows out there right now is that it is very tasteful in its portrayal of controversial topics that many teens actually deal with. Also, it is very suspenseful, and amazinggggg how they incorporate things from the movie Psycho into this show, one of my favorite movies. You have to really pay attention for clues and it definitely keeps the wheels inside your head spinning, haha. PLL is the complete package. :)

  18. I love it for the random sarcastic comments they make. Especially Hannah. Also, it’s really well done, and I appreciate that!!

  19. I love PLL because it keeps me on the edge of my seat..never know what they are going to throw at us next!

  20. I love PLL because I can’t wait for the next week and hate when it’s over each time. I can’t wait to see what mysteries unfold next and who will get together and all the drama and romance. I think it’s suspenseful and I’m just waiting to see what is going to happen, but then I also think it’s realistic because I can relate to the situations. The language and dialogue and acting is great! As well as the scenery, costumes!

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  22. I love PLL because it brings me back to high school. I get my fill of drama in just one sitting!

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  24. I’ve subscribed and got my mother permission :]

    I live in Denmark, and doesn’t have a big chance, to get the PLL on DVD, but still and of course it’s my favorite show. I can relate to all the characters i different ways, and it has actually helped me in my real life. PLL has really made a difference in my life, and the character Hanna Marin has specially helped me. I can relate to her so much. I mean, in so many ways! PLL is such a huge thing for me. When ever I feel sad, I turn on the tv and see Pretty Little Liars first season. But wouldn’t it be great to make a marathon with the second season 2? :]

    I’ve also made a little poem! :]

    It is soon wednesday,
    And A will have to pay.
    It is another Rosewood event,
    A -A letter has been sent.
    The first deadly game,
    will never be the same.
    The torture will continue,
    Who will be next on the menu?
    Because the secret of Ali,
    We might never get a finale.
    Even from death,
    Ali’s words are being said.
    The Thing About A,
    She will stay and probably never go away.
    Ali’s history,
    Will always be a mystery.
    But I’m looking forward to sit on my couch with my remote,
    Waiting to turn on Pretty Little Liars, the next episode.

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  27. I love PLL! It’s more than a tv programme for me, it’s part of my life, that’s why I created my Facebook page. I feel so envolved with the series, cause many things happenned to me and I know how difficult is keeping a secret! LOL But the best reason is that PLL makes me face my fears in some situations on my life and sometimes it helps me a lot cause I feel confident. I won’t ever regret the first time I watched PLL cause from that day on my life changed :) Thanks PLL for being my world!

  28. I LOVE Pretty Little Liars because it is full of drama, romance, and my favorite- mystery! I love all of the characters, the casted everyone perfectly. I also love how it always keeps me on the edge of my seat and I dread it when I have to wait another week to see it!

  29. I love PLL because it has great fashion and has suspense.

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