Create the Perfect Summer Waves with ghd Peacock Collection

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Summer is all about carefree, effortless beauty and one of the best beauty looks for the season is beach waves. In the past, women attempted this look with hot rollers or a curling iron, but now we have something much more effective: the best flat iron.

Using a high quality flat iron, like one from the ghd Peacock Collection, it is now not only possible to create flowing beach waves, but it’s also pretty easy!

1. Turn on your ghd Peacock Collection flat iron and let it heat up so the barrel is hot. This should take less than five minutes, one of the many reasons ghd’s have won the InStyle ‘Best Hair Straighteners’ Beauty Buy award for nine years running.

2. Section your hair into four equal parts, as if you were straightening it.

3. Hold your ghd flat iron vertically. Place about an inch of hair (I use thicker pieces for the bottom of my hair and thinner ones for the top) in between the plates of the flat iron, like you do when you straighten it, but instead of moving down the hair, twist the flat iron about 180° (always away from your face) and smooth it down the hair. For tighter curls, twist the flat iron a full 360°. Repeat this for all of your hair. 

4. Flip your head over to loosen the curls. Finish with a touch of hairspray.

5. Go out and watch the boys drool.

For more ideas, check out the ghd inspiration feed.

Have you tried ghd products? How do you achieve beach waves?


7 responses to “Create the Perfect Summer Waves with ghd Peacock Collection

  1. thank you for the tips, very useful, I will try this out with my Karmin G3 Salon Pro Styling Iron which is the best one I’ve tried, it works amazing, and keeps my hair smooth, shiny and frizz less. ^_^

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