Hair Chains: Love it or Leave it?

hair chains

The hair chain is an accessory on the rise. Although the jewels de locks made their debut several years ago in the form of a headpiece, the look now has a more delicate and simple appeal. Instead of sporting chunky headband-esque chains, celebrities and trendsetters alike are proudly boasting dainty chains in their updos and as seen above, in the back of their ‘do.

Personally I love this look! I enjoy the one for a bun the most, but would don any of the hair chains pictured. You can even make your own, courtesy of The Beauty Department. Or order one off Etsy like the blogger at Paritatime did. So tell us: would you wear a hair chain?


7 responses to “Hair Chains: Love it or Leave it?

  1. I really like how they look! I’d be worried they’d get tangled in my hair…but I definitely like them enough to at least give them a try

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