Color Crush: Chartreuse

We all know neons are everything this season, but this particular color has really caught my eye lately. I just love yellow for warm months. Not only does it pay homage to the sun, but it also brightens up any outfit while making skin appear tanner.

I was never really sure what color chartreuse was. I kept hearing stylists and fashion bloggers mentioning it, so when I wanted to call attention to yellow, I did a quick google search. Chartreuse is a mix between green and yellow. There are two variations: one with more green than yellow, and one with more yellow than green. I am personally more drawn to yellow chartreuse.

Will you be wearing chartreuse this season?

Rebecca Taylor cotton sweater
$295 –

Jason Wu ruffle skirt
$990 –

Miss Selfridge high heel pumps
$105 –

D G leather clutch
$467 –

Crossbody handbag
$40 –

Satchel handbag
$46 –

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