Brand Spotlight: Boscia Review

About a week ago, my boyfriend won a poker game and decided to treat me to a little shopping spree. As usual, my first stop was Sephora and I was finally able to get a few things I wanted. My first choice was the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask. I had never used a peel off mask before, but my pores seemed larger than ever and I started noticing blackheads on my nose, so I decided to try it. Bosica is well known for these problems so I felt confident in my purchase.

It finally dried after about 25 minutes and I began to peel. It was easier than I expected, but OUCH! It really pulled on my skin a lot. And when they say to only put it below the orbital bone, they are not kidding! That sensitive area below the eye is what hurt the most. I eventually got the mask off–all in one piece–and examined the results. My blackheads were gone! Now, a week later, my nose is still much clearer than it has been in a while. Overall I am very happy with the results!

Next, I purchased the Boscia BB Cream. I was having trouble deciding which one to get, but I figured since I am using the Boscia mask, I might as well stick with the same brand; it could only enhance the results. I was excited to try it out and put it on as soon as I could. I expected a soft, airy, moussey consistency–maybe like that of Miracle Skin Transformer–but it was not. At first it felt extremely wet, like I was putting tinted water on my face. The color was so totally off (it looked like this greyish beige clay was on my face), but I had read that it adjusts, so I wasn’t too alarmed. After a few minutes (maybe 5) the cream did adjust. It covered well and looked nice. The next time I used it, I put it on after moisturizer and that worked much better. It did not feel watery at all and went on smoothly. This time, the color wasn’t so off and the finish was even better. My pores still look extra large with this cream, but I have my Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfector for that. I like this BB Cream and will continue to use it until it is gone (which won’t be long since it wasn’t even half full when I received it), but will probably try another brand next time. I haven’t noticed a difference in my skin either.

Finally, when it was time to check out, I used my points and got a deluxe sample of Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser. It is black in color so it is a little weird but very cool! When you massage it into your skin, it has a nice warming sensation. After a few uses, I like it, but didn’t notice any differences in my skin.

Have you tried Boscia products? What is your opinion on the brand?


6 responses to “Brand Spotlight: Boscia Review

  1. Oh, you looked so cute!! You still need to try the Garnier B B cream. You will love it.

  2. I’m going to sephora to get a sample of the boscia luminizing black mask. I hope it works, thanks for posting about it!! :)

    • I recently puascrhed this at sephora and its amazing! Ladies i recommend it!! Im 26 years old and i want to start taking care of my skin. Previoiusly i was using neutrogena and it would irritate my skin and leave it feeling tight. This wash us warm upon contact but it leave your face sooooo clean and smooth. I absolutely love it!!! I use it along w lancome visionnaire and im seeing results within 3 days. Ladies its an investment for your future face!!!

  3. Your skin is your largest organ. Well, wldoun’t you go for the organic products then? Be careful, natural products STILL use a lot of toxins, chemicals. Since they aren’t organic ingredients in them were sprayed with pesticides/herbasides, which ARE CARCINOGENIC! So, if you really mean what you say that your skin is the largest organ, don’t pollute it with natural products. I use organic certiried products, which means that ingredients have NO toxins/ no chemicals/ no pestises!!!!

  4. My brother suggested I might like this blog. He was totally right. This post actually made my day. You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

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