Tuesday Shoesday: Pointed Toe Stilettos

I am so happy to say that the pointed toe stiletto is back! I can remember just a couple years ago swearing to never be caught in pointed toe heels; I used to hate them! But the newer, updated version of the classic shape boasts a shorter toe box, bright neons and higher heels–all characteristics that make it perfect for spring. Last month, Shoemint released a beautiful pointed toe pump that I fell in love with, but couldn’t commit to due to the price tag. Then last week, I scored some amazing purple Dolce Vitas at Marshalls for just $35!

When I put them on, I instantly felt chic, sexy and confident. Now I just want more like them! I am dying over these from Victoria’s Secret:

I am in love with every color besides the silver. I love the yellow first, the blue second, and then the black.

What do you think? Are you into this trend for spring?


2 responses to “Tuesday Shoesday: Pointed Toe Stilettos

  1. I think yo MAMA should get these for you!!! A very early birthday gift of even better, for Easter!

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