Style Spotlight: Rachel Bilson

Style Spotlight: Rachel Bilson

I have been a huge fan of Rachel Bilson ever since she played my favorite character of all time: Summer Roberts on The OC. She is so cute and sweet on TV and in real life, she is those things as well as a master of style. She pulls of effortless-chic in a way that no one else can and she proves to all that you don’t have to be 5’10” to pull off all the latest trends!

Rachel is never afraid to be daring on the red carpet. She wears what she wants to wear and doesn’t apologize for it. On casual occasions, Rachel makes a pair of jeans interesting by cuffing the bottom and pairing them with fun wedges. Some people were just born with an eye for styling–Rachel Bilson is one of those people!

Do you like Rachel’s take on fashion? Whose style inspires you?


3 responses to “Style Spotlight: Rachel Bilson

    • I always liked her because she is petite and brunette–just like me! But then after she got a little more famous and I saw her outside of work, I fell in love with her style. She is the perfect style role model for me because if she can wear it, so can I! :)

      • Thats why i like her too :) Definitely awesome when they’re relatable in some way

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