For the Love of Snail Mail

When was the last time you checked your mail only to find the pleasant surprise of a hand written envelope? When was the last time you even checked your mail? If you’re like me, the only reason to check the mail is to see if Cosmo or InStyle came. Besides those two gems, the only snail mail I receive are bills, ads and random junk mail addressed to “current resident.”

The internet has brought so many wonderful things into this world, but one of the things it distracts from is genuine human communication. We have never even met half of the people that we “follow” or are “friends” with online and the  real relationships that we have are reduced to wall posts and tweets.

When you get to be my age–after college is over and people have moved–most BFFs turn into long distance friendships. My friends know how much they mean to me and vice versa, but sometimes it can be rough not having someone five minutes away to have a glass of wine with and laugh about everything and nothing at the same time. A phone call is one thing, but it is nice to take it a step further and send a little something via snail mail just to remind those close to you how special they are–even if they are just down the road.

So today I encourage you to close your laptop, get out a pen and paper, and make someone feel loved. Send a card, their favorite candy, or just a little note. It’s amazing how such a simple deed can affect one’s day.


14 responses to “For the Love of Snail Mail

  1. I’m living abroad this year – and I think the best thing about it is that I’ve actually been sending loads of snail mail! Everybody loves postcards – and the best way to fill those couple free minutes at work is to jot a quick note on the back of a postcard :)

  2. yes!! my best friends and i still trade mail, why? because it’s personal! it’s not as fleeting or mindless as a text these days! i love this post! :)

    • Thanks! I am glad people still do this! I try to send things as often as I can, but not too often so it is still special! :)

  3. Snail Mail is my favorite. It was the best perk about dating a boy who joined the military (unfortunately, the boy wasn’t the best perk, ha). Anyways, I just joined Postcrossing. This is going to distract me from paperwork (totally why I’m up right now).

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