The Important Things

Since the US has such an obesity epidemic, the focus seems to be on how to control portions and keep up with fitness, but another form of malnutrition is taking over teenagers and young adults nationwide: undereating.

I have always noticed the extremes my friends will go to to get to a certain weight or to prepare for bikini season. What ever happened to being healthy? We all know the media has a huge influence on the ideal female body, but not everyone in the world is a model for a reason. There are more important things to life than looking like a skeleton, but I seem to be the only one thinking that way.

Life is about enjoying yourself and the company of others. No one wants to be around someone who doesn’t eat. It’s just…awkward. My BFF agrees, “when you’re too busy worrying about the superficial, you miss out on the important things in life.”

Unfortunately, too many high school and college women suffer from body dysmorphic disorder and eating disorders to enjoy life. And unhealthy eating and exercise habits can have a long term effect on our bodies. Just like obesity, being underweight can have deadly results. Not only can women lose their ability to have children, but there are psychological consequences as well.

Most guys don’t like pencil thin women either. My brother gives me his opinion, “if a woman spends most of her time on her looks, then she probably doesn’t have much else to offer” and although that probably isn’t true, it’s the message some guys are getting. “Either that, or she has self-esteem issues; and no guy wants to deal with that” his friend adds.

Your youth is a time to make memories that you will keep with you forever, not to obsess over being thin. So take the advice: be healthy and enjoy a long life with great family and friends who love you just the way you are!


What do you think?

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