Look of the Week: Floral Shorts

Remember those floral and printed shorts from last year? Well, they’re back and better than ever. It seems like it always takes a season or two for trends to trickle down from high fashion runways to trendsetters to fashionistas and then to everyone else. While floral shorts have made it through their freshman season, they are now back to be worn by all. Here are a few of my faves:

floral shorts

I decided I’m definitely going to give this look a try. Although, I can’t decide if I should go with denim or a lighter, more delicate fabric. What do you think about floral shorts? Would you wear them?


9 responses to “Look of the Week: Floral Shorts

      • That’s exactly what I’ve been doing! I’ve been avoiding going shopping so I can just spend all my birthday and Christmas gift cards there! …Plus I can’t find anything I like in the mall. :))

  1. These shorts are amaze!!!! I am addicted to everything floral at the moment. Blazers, pants, shirts, skirts….and so on. Great post!!


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