Miami Fun in the Sun


So this weekend, the bf and I are relaxing in Miami. There’s something about this city that just makes you want to bask in the warm sun. I don’t live too far from here and the weather is the same, but the mood is different. Everyone here just wants to enjoy life to the fullest possible!

I let the weather dress me this morning in bright colors and white jeans. I know it’s not labor day yet, but in Florida, those fashion rules really don’t apply. Plus I think all fashion “rules” are nonsense. So here is how 85 degree weather inspired me:


Sunnies: Armani
Top: gift from babushka
Jeans: Cole Couture
Shoes: Mossimo for Target
Bag: Just Fab

Can you tell I’m ready for Spring/Summer?

And here’s a cute little photo of my babe:


He’s gonna kill me…


4 responses to “Miami Fun in the Sun

  1. I love the outfit! esp the shirt. I tried finding white jeans the other day but I couldn’t find any I loved :(

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