My Somme Journey

I was introduced to Somme Skin Care by Dana Wilkey. She knows the company well and wanted me to try the products. I received a box in the mail and little did I know that I would be embarking on a really incredible “skin-transformation”. I have to say that I have tried EVERYTHING on the market, but I have never used something that offers darn near immediate results like Somme. The colored dots on the packaging makes reaching for what you use in what order makes life super simple when you’re blind as a bat like me! I have had other products that have 7 or more steps and always felt like it was just too much. However, with Somme I actually feel like I’m treating myself, and let’s be honest, when you can see and feel an immediate difference you simply have to keep using it.

I am going to document my use of Somme here on Lush to Blush and will be adding a “before” pic for you tomorrow. I am a 42 year old Mom of two, I homeschool, run a business, and am on Twitter entirely too much, so if I have time for a good skin care regimen then so do you! During my second pregnancy I got what my doctor called a “pregnancy mask”, it is one of the areas I’d like to see improve! Can’t wait to share this with you, and look forward to your feedback. You can visit Somme Institute at

Here’s to great skin care,

Donna ;)


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