Fake It Till You Bake It

Ever feel too pale to wear shorts? How about too pale to be seen in a bikini on a beach? We’ve all been there and if you’re not into skin cancer, there aren’t many risk-free options. From streaks and leaks (remember Christina’s mysterious drip? Ew.) to that obvious spray tan odor, there is a lot of risk when it comes to faking a tan. That’s why L2B has put together a list of the best sun-free options.

1. Neutrogena MicroMist Airbrush Sunless Tan. If you have a friend to spray you down, this is definitely the way to go. Although you can’t get dressed right away (you have to wait about 10 minutes), the mist of the continuous spray leaves no spot unbronzed. What’s better, the formula won’t clog your pores. Leave it to a skincare line to create one of the healthiest options out there.

2. St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse. This lightweight foam is easy to apply and is absorbed by the skin very quickly, reducing mess. Sephora even boasts it as the top seller. The downside? If you don’t use their applicator mitt, you might end up looking like you just gave the Cheetos’s Cheetah a handy j.

3. Booty Parlor Flirty Little Secret Bronzing Firmer with Pheramones. This chic, sexy little tube of magic not only bronzes your skin a shade or two darker, but it also firms and tones where it is applied and attracts boy toys at the same time. Ok, seriously? Could it get any better?

4. Tan Towel Full Body Plus. These cute little towelettes pack a lot of bronzing power. Not only are they quick and disposable, but  each towel’s tint lasts about four days. Keep them in your bag for an emergency or easily store them in your carry-on for worry-free travel.

5. NARS Body Glow. Although it is not technically a self-tanner (it is not quickly absorbed), this product delivers a sexy, healthy glow, with just a hint of shimmer. Wear it on a beach day for flirty warmth or out to dinner some sex appeal.

And remember, when dealing with self-tanner, a little goes a long way–especially if you’re ultra pale! You don’t want to look like a cast member of the Jersey Shore! A nice glow makes you look clean and healthy; an overdone “tan” makes you look like a dirty groupie.


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