Planning the Perfect Spring Break

By Colleen O’Flynn

Spring break is right around the corner and it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of going away with your friends, un-chaperoned, while sipping cocktails on the beach. What many spring break goers overlook is the potential danger – and drama – spring break could sometimes entail. Don’t fall into the traps and follow these simple guidelines to having one of the best weeks of your life.

Planning: While your vacation should be all booked and ready to travel, sit down with your group of friends and tie up all loose ends. Decide who is sleeping in which room and where. Nothing is worse than coming home from a great night out and having to fight over who sleeps on the bed and who sleeps on the pull out couch. If you are going a vacation with excursions or activities, talk about which one’s you would like to do to avoid any unnecessary arguments on your trip.

Pack Light: One of the biggest struggles for college girls is fitting all of her (obviously) necessary clothes, shoes, and accessories into one suitcase. Let’s think realistically: chances are you are going somewhere warm, so you’ll need plenty of bathing suits, sundresses and flip flops; all of which are small items and easy pack. When it comes to nighttime, try and stick to one basic color (black, brown, white, etc.) and pair shoes and accessories with that one color. As hard as it is to pick only one or two pairs of heels, pick one pump and one wedge that will go with all of your outfits. Always remember to bring an extra pair of underwear, toothbrush, and makeup as carry on, just in case!

Play Safe: It’s easy to think you’re invincible on spring break, but remember; you’re not! Anything can happen and while you can still let loose and have fun, be safe! Remember what your parents always told you: use the buddy system, watch your drinks, you guys know the drill. We’ve all heard the horror stories and even though we never think it will happen to us, but it can, so prevent it!

Have Fun: Everything else aside, this is your spring break and you deserve the week off from hard work during the semester. Forget about school, work and anything else weighing you down and have fun. Load up on magazines (and sunscreen!), bring out the beach towel and find a cute cabana boy to bring you and your girlfriends tropical drinks!


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