MAC + Marilyn = heaven

OMG! Ok, I heard about this a while ago, but that was before I started this site so better late than never. MAC Cosmetics has teamed up with Authentic Brands Group to create a full, limited edition Marilyn Monroe line! And it’s more than just red lipstick–the collection will include almost  30 products, and cover your beauty needs from your eyes to your toes. I, for one, cannot wait for this. As you can see by my icon, I <3 Marilyn. And with hit shows and an Oscar nominated film, Marilyn Monroe is bigger than ever. (Ok, maybe not EVER, but you know what I mean.) The line will debut in October and I’d bet my Louis Vuitton that there will be a craze surrounding the release!! In the meantime, enjoy these lovely pictures of her perfect pout.


6 responses to “MAC + Marilyn = heaven

  1. With Marilyn being a HUGE icon in the beauty industry, I am really excited to see MAC release a line like this. I am going to buy ALL of it (yea right lol)

    • No problem!! Like I said in a previous comment, I am planning a giveaway as soon as the line debuts so make sure to enter when the time comes!

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